Electric Forest 2013

I will have to call the first full day of Electric Forest a success. I saw the shows I wanted to, I met a couple artists, and I finally found friends I’d been struggling to meet up with since I’d arrived.

String Cheese was mind-expanding as always, with the second half of their Friday set taking its audience on quite the trippy adventure. Passion Pit lit up Sherwood Court, and the rest of the night was spent exploring the forest.

My head couldn’t wrap itself around the madness of Rothbury, and Insomniac came in and showed them how it’s done. With stages in the forest, hidden gardens, and an ever-changing light show, it’s clear the team at Electric Forest knew exactly how to grab their audience.

Aside from the music and the forest, it has been such a relief to feel the most amazing vibes. It’s not Rothbury, but the memory is living on.

Electric Forest 2013

Between two nights of zero sleep, and the not-quite-sure-what’s-gonna-happen rain, last night was my late night. I bounced between stages getting what shots I could, staying to get the feel of the crowd. Unfortunately my energy was shot, and after a quick listen of EOTO it was bedtime.

Well, after the nearly hour walk back that is. I followed the wrong fence line and lost myself in tents and tarps. But it was the first good night’s sleep I’d had in days, and the abundance of shade at our campsite is being admired constantly.

The first shows of the day get me back to my jam/funk roots with Railroad Earth followed by Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave at the Ranch Stage. The day is gorgeous with a slight breeze, and the sun is sneakily aggressive. But the vibe is positive and people are ready to party.

Electric Forest 2013

It’s been a long journey and it’s only just begun. The expected traffic into the festival felt worse than usual as the sun beat down unapologetically on the passenger side of our un-air conditioned car. Every checkpoint reached ushered in a new reason for waiting.

Hours later we were finally setting up camp, trying our best to cram a dozen car’s worth of people into our limited space. With some clever engineering we managed tent city and we were ready to catch a second wind.

Now here I am, my first attempt at media for a major festival. I’m an amateur and I feel every bit of it, but I’m eager to figure out what the heck it is I’m doing. It has been the year of learning experiences, and this trip has been no different.

Now is the time to get my mind right, put my focus into what COULD happen instead of what HASN’T happened. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I am so grateful.

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