Life is good, y’all

I am currently sitting on the back porch of one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever been in. It sits nestled in the mountains, directly across the street from a venue so amazing it’s globally recognized as a bucket-list destination: Red Rocks.

I came into town yesterday morning, on a severely budget Spirit flight(not even a ginger ale guys?), feeling like it would never end. But it did, and I rushed to baggage claim, ready to be breathing pure Denver air. One of my long-time friends from college scooped me up, and our first stop was exactly what you would expect as of January 1st, 2014. We headed straight to euflora, a recreational marijuana dispensary that had been recommended to us by a friend. I was in heaven.

For a moment I felt like I was watching an episode of weeds, as even the idea of medicinal marijuana is foreign to a lifelong resident of a red state. Each strain was in a clear jar, and next to it was a small samsung tablet that you could easily scroll to find all the info you needed. The kind of strain, the percentage of thc, what kind of high you can expect - all was right there just begging you to taste. I settled on a gram of Flo, a hybrid said to have won a Cannibis Cup in the past, but wouldn’t make me couch-ridden, and Jillybean, another hybrid with hints of tangerine and mango, made for activity. I may have also picked up a bottle of special sour gummi bears.

We were set, and now it was time for lunch. My friend has spent several summers in the area growing up, and he guided us to Golden, one of the cutest towns I’ve ever seen. Everyone was friendly and relaxed and just all around happy. After getting our grub on at the Golden Skillet, we took a walk down to the river that runs through the town, and into the Coors factory. There were people tubing and wading, enjoying what was the prettiest day you could have imagined.

Our bellies were stuffed, and having been up for what felt like an entire day, I was ready for a nap. We headed down the highway to Lakewood, a beautiful community just outside of Denver. My friend pulled up to his family’s house and I was amazed at how beautiful it was, at how welcoming they were, and how lucky I was to just be a part of this.

I didn’t grow up with a lot, but I never wanted for anything. So to have friends who are willing to open up their life to you like this is beyond anything I could ever want. I am so grateful for the people in my life and the opportunities they have voluntarily handed to me. I hope they feel I’ve done the same, or at least know I would if ever given the opportunity. Having people who truly love you, support you, nurture you, better you - that’s life, that’s what makes you whole.

So as I sit on this porch, staring at just the tiniest part of something so much bigger than myself, I realize this is home for me. I love Texas, I will always call it home, “y’all” will never leave my vocabulary, but I feel different here. Viewing natural beauty on a daily basis is so good for the soul, to remember that life is more than just working and paying bills. I would gladly pay to live in a city where all of my amenities come naturally included, where health and fitness are a way of life, and where music is as organic as the food. I don’t know, this city inspires me.

I just want to remember this feeling of completeness. Of knowing there’s a place I do feel totally at home. For now I am content to take in what I can. I’ve got an amazing day of exploring and tailgating and 3 sets of Pretty Lights that I know will be the highlight of my year. Life is good, y’all.


We are ecstatic to be included in onlythebeat’s favorite blogs on tumblr, alongside some of our favorite gif. creators & host! 

ravegifs, trippylightsandravemusicraversaurusrex, & theedmera.

We thank you onlythebeat for the recognition! A copious amount of hard work has been put in these past couple years!

Full article (including other rave-blogs): ONLYTHEBEAT’S FAVORITE BLOGS ON TUMBLR


Fancy Meeting You Here

I feel bad for neglecting my baby so much, but I found out very quickly just how much goes in to trying to build your own website, and I was not cut out for it. I did, however, start writing for a phenomenal blog called Only The Beat. I have so much freedom to write instead of worrying about graphic design and logos and html. Thankfully OTB employs people far more intelligent than I when it comes to computers.

My hope is to use this blog as more of a personal blog about my experiences. Perhaps as a way to say what I can’t or don’t want to on OTB. Either way I hope you’ll check out the site, it’s got so many great writers all across the country! One of our long time staff had the amazing opportunity to attend Tomorrowland in Belgium, and I’m so excited to see what she has to say about it all.

Thank you all so much for sticking around. Hopefully I can find some EDM friendly folks and start interacting more on this site. Much love to you all!

Electric Forest 2013

I will have to call the first full day of Electric Forest a success. I saw the shows I wanted to, I met a couple artists, and I finally found friends I’d been struggling to meet up with since I’d arrived.

String Cheese was mind-expanding as always, with the second half of their Friday set taking its audience on quite the trippy adventure. Passion Pit lit up Sherwood Court, and the rest of the night was spent exploring the forest.

My head couldn’t wrap itself around the madness of Rothbury, and Insomniac came in and showed them how it’s done. With stages in the forest, hidden gardens, and an ever-changing light show, it’s clear the team at Electric Forest knew exactly how to grab their audience.

Aside from the music and the forest, it has been such a relief to feel the most amazing vibes. It’s not Rothbury, but the memory is living on.

Electric Forest 2013

Between two nights of zero sleep, and the not-quite-sure-what’s-gonna-happen rain, last night was my late night. I bounced between stages getting what shots I could, staying to get the feel of the crowd. Unfortunately my energy was shot, and after a quick listen of EOTO it was bedtime.

Well, after the nearly hour walk back that is. I followed the wrong fence line and lost myself in tents and tarps. But it was the first good night’s sleep I’d had in days, and the abundance of shade at our campsite is being admired constantly.

The first shows of the day get me back to my jam/funk roots with Railroad Earth followed by Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave at the Ranch Stage. The day is gorgeous with a slight breeze, and the sun is sneakily aggressive. But the vibe is positive and people are ready to party.

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